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SNAPSHOT2022 Feb 2, 2022

2022: 22 challenges and 22 solutions

Aurelie Favresse

A crisis creates opportunities. Entrepreneurs help make the difference. Our companies certainly do.

When written both in Chinese as in Japanese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger, the other opportunity. A crisis creates opportunities. Entrepreneurs help make the difference. Our companies certainly do. With great verve. It’s no coincidence that the word emerge and emergency are related linguistically. Here you have 22 solutions to challenges organisations face in 2022.

1. Digital transformation?

Honestly? We believe in co-creation between specialists, as everything is part of one story! Together, you look at things differently. From brand and customer experience (challenge 2 to 5) to digital technology (6 to 11), process automation and analytics (12 to 22).


2. Convincing on- and offline customer experience?

Oddball helps businesses give clients a premium experience, resulting in repeat custom. With a mix of behavioural science, creative design, and data analysis.

3. Turn people into ambassadors? Including remotely?

With a strong employer image, you increase the engagement and commitment of your employees. People become ambassadors of your employer brand. And you attract the right candidates more easily. One address: Oddball.

4. Efficient learning?

MobieTrain revolutionizes workplace training with a mobile-first microlearning platform. You create your own learning paths and train your staff in a motivating and effective way, to boost performance.

5. Solve business challenges with innovative digital solutions?

At Oddball Digital, we trigger creativity and generate ideas to stay lean and grow your business. From value discovery to prototyping, software design and application development.


6. Deal effectively with wild parking and charging station monopolisation?

A juicy bone for Geosparc! They install sensors at the parking spaces, enabling you to measure capacity utilisation rate and manage reserved places, facilitating enforcement and making your investments in charging infrastructure maximally productive.

7. Secure teleworking?

Provide good collaboration tools. Put anything that needs to be accessible to everyone in the cloud. And, it’s important to ensure security. Rank 1 combines solid technology with tailor-made service.

8. Signal boosting while minimizing health risk?

Mercuron boosts and improves the mobile phone signal in locations with poor reception, while being mindful of people’s health.

9. To the Cloud or on-premise?

More and more companies are switching over to the cloud because of its accessibility and security. So, what to move to the Cloud, what to keep on-premise? Rank 1 advises you on the right strategy.

10. Green your fleet?

How to accelerate your transition to a green fleet? Combine reliable charging infrastructure with a unique management platform. CenEnergy and Geosparc ensure that your infrastructure is easily manageable, and your parking policy is enforceable - giving you an optimal ROI.

11. Access control and camera security?

DNCS provides access control, camera security and IT network services for companies. TowerEye focuses on temporary installations, e.g. for construction companies, festivals or traffic control.


12. Accelerate innovation with SAP?

Discover TheValueChain. Pragmatic, transparent, focused on value creation and trust. With a strong emphasis on innovative technology, customer experience, industry solutions and specific accelerators.

13. Cost saving?

Compiling a list of cost-savings is the easy part. But deciding where and how to save costs requires expert know-how. Just ask valueXstream.

14. Optimise cashflow?

Operational efficiency and cashflow optimisation are top of mind. With business intelligence & analytics, Bmatix helps you identify inefficiencies and improve cost efficiency.

15. VIP hospitality and sport sponsorship?

Business partnerships are crucial for the growth of clubs and organisers of events. iXpole automates and optimises the B2B processes of your organisation, making your VIPs happy.

16. Organise e-commerce?

E-commerce continues to be a smashing success in both B2B and B2C. TheValueChain focuses on customer experience (CX) with SAP. For Oddball, experience design is nothing less than its raison d´être!

17. Digital strategy for SMEs?

V-Chain provides the right tools for SMEs to help them face today's challenges, such as the transition to e-commerce and the evolution towards faster, cheaper, and more sustainable.

18. Smart integration of systems for better business?

Connectivity is the foundation of any digital transformation. AppyThings integrates and secures smart data and functionality via API management and event streaming.

19. Software that makes customers and users happy?

Once extensive digitalisation was the magic show of the big boys. Today, SMEs are captivated as well. The importance of software testing is growing. No quality? No happy customers! Tips & tricks? Just ask Brightest.

20. Avoid stock shortages?

These days, the significant interdependence of global supply chains is a major challenge for supply chain managers. valueXstream makes your supply chain resilient.

21. Get started with hyperautomation?

What does hyperautomation mean for your company: process mining? Workflow management? Robotic process automation? AI? Low-code? Explore the possibilities and identify your use cases with the HyperChain team from TheValueChain.

22. Become a data-driven organization?

Drive change, innovate new products, delight customers, enhance employee productivity and improve your decision-making through the power of data. With Bmatix.

What is your challenge? Let us know!
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