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Digital transformation. The challenge of today. All building blocks must be right. Strategy, brand positioning, product quality, data, supply chain processes, customer experience. Your employees’ attitude. Your bottom line. Examine them all through multiple lenses. Gumption connects specialists qualified to tackle your challenges. They analyse, inspire, create roadmaps and realise your project. 360° perspective. Hands-on.

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Successful transformation bolsters your target audience’s experience, realises growth and enhances your relevance. That’s why our 360° approach emphasises customer, employee and candidate experience.



Data. The fuel for digital transformation. Data improves your business model. It reveals what your clients or employees need. Data specialist are indispensable in our 360° approach.

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Case in the picture

Why pgb-Europe invested in process integration and digital transformation with SAP ERP as a basis

pgb-Europe did not immediately have a new ERP in mind when starting discussions with TheValueChain in 2016. In short term, they were looking for warehouse management and CRM. And, a way to connect new systems to their AS/400. Now that is exactly where the shoe pinched because the old ERP was a complex set of custom code. Modifications and integrations were time-consuming and delicate. That is why TheValueChain proposed a new ERP. And a mind switch: from customization to standard SAP.

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