Johan Driessens of Branded.Careers appears on Blind Date Bizz

Blind Date Bizz is a television concept from online platform Made in Antwerpen and regional television station ATV. The programme brings two entrepreneurs together in the studio for a chat. Johan Driessens of Branded.Careers was talking to Dimitri O of Loop Earplugs.

Made in Antwerpen, which broadcasts regional business news, presents the mini talk show Blind Date Bizz in cooperation with ATV. Two entrepreneurs from the region get to know each other better by means of open questions. For the first episode of 2019, Johan Driessens and Dimitri O were invited into the studio.

We know Johan as the Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Branded.Careers and Global Emerging Employer Brand Leader of the Year. Dimitri is the founder of Loop Earplugs, a company that makes high-tech earplugs for festivals.


The first question that Johan Driessens and Dimitri O answer is how they can contribute to improving society. Dimitri is a member of the Antwerp Round Table, a men’s club for regional entrepreneurs.  They hand out Christmas parcels containing sweets and toys to Antwerp families who are having a tough time financially. His company is also working to increase awareness about hearing damage.

Johan from Branded.Careers involves his customers in the charitable activities. “If a customer asks for a discount, then we allow it in certain cases if the customer is prepared to pass on part of the discount to a charity that we support”, Johan explains. “Everyone wins.”

Working for a boss

To the question of whether the entrepreneurs can work for a boss, Johan says that he doesn’t believe in a hierarchy where the bosses tell everyone what has to be done. With Branded.Careers, he opts for a flat structure and open collaboration in which every employee is motivated to make his or her contribution to the same goal: taking the organisation to a higher level.

Dimitri O refers to the importance of inspiring leaders. “Imagine that you can work for a great visionary who allows you freedom, that wouldn’t be a problem for me. But as an entrepreneur, I prefer working for myself.”

Four Hour Workweek

Dimitri and Johan were asked to bring an object with them to the studio. Dimitri proposed a Toyota Landcruiser, but it didn’t fit into the studio. He and his wife spent 10 months touring South America in that car. Instead, he choose the book ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferris. “The book tells you how to organise yourself so that you are not a bottleneck in the expansion of the business.” He is particularly enthusiastic about the principles of scalability and outsourcing that are promoted in the book.

Johan decided to have a bit of fun, coming in wearing a Superman outfit. “It has nothing to do with my ego”, he jokes. As a patron of Bring A Smile, an organisation that works for sick children, he visits hospitals wearing this outfit to bring a moment of fun to children. His team also gets involved. “It is good for bonding”, he explains.


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