VAN IN calls on Brightest to help guarantee quality

Uitgeverij VAN IN is the largest educational publisher in Belgium. The company creates digital tools for the classroom. With innovative learning tools, VAN IN improves learning processes, resulting into motivated students and teachers. Brightest helps VAN IN guarantee the quality of their successful learning platforms.


VAN IN focuses on the education of the future, for example with tools that enable personalized learning. Differentiated education is becoming increasingly important’, says Lenny de la Fontayne, Development Manager at VAN IN. ‘There is an increasing demand for digital applications. Especially the demand for our learning platforms Bingel and Diddit is peaking. These platforms were chosen as ICT project of the year in Belgium and have won several international awards. Sweden and Finland are also using them.

VAN IN called on Brightest to guarantee the quality of the end products. ‘Our IT teams are growing rapidly. We deliver faster and faster. Complexity is increasing and so is the need to monitor quality appropriately. Brightest is the ideal partner to help us reach our quality objectives’.

VAN IN was particularly looking for a partner with the right technical skills. ‘We are strongly committed to testing automation in order to increase the speed of delivery of new releases. We already had a framework at our disposal, but we were looking for someone with the right knowledge to further expand that framework with us. Brightest has the required know-how’.

Since the beginning of 2018, two Brightest consultants have been working at VAN IN. The collaboration has been smoothfrom the start. ‘Just like Brightest, we attach great importance to a healthy working environment where people can fully develop themselves. The Brightest people who work for us put their heart and soul into the job. They play an important role in the teams’.