Entrepreneurs in Motion mini-series

Kontich, November, 2018In a six-part miniseries, Bart Embrechts, CEO of Gumption Group, interviews six managers of start-ups and scale-ups about the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

In a helicopter, on a fun fair, in a Citroën 2CV on the race track: if there were an award for the most original interview locations, it would no doubt go to the
Entrepreneurs in Motion series. In this miniseries, CEOs of successful start-ups and scale-ups talk about the challenges of entrepreneurship. The series is launched today via the website and social media channels of Gumption Group.

Inspiring and practical

Bart Embrechts, CEO of Gumption Group, interviews managers of Gumption member companies about their experiences of being at the helm of young, innovative companies, and the ups and downs associated with this. The result is a series of inspiring interviews, packed with practical tips by entrepreneurs in
for ambitious starters.

  • Ruben explains in great detail why the technology for location-based marketing by ZetaPulse is as unique as its business model. And this while on a crazy ride on the Wild Mouse on a fun fair!
  • Jan had worked in top positions for years before taking over CenEnergy. Today, he brings a whole new dynamic to a company that saw its growth stagnate.
  • Raf talks about why he left a good, secure job to become an entrepreneur in a young company. And how, through Rank1, he helps businesses with secure IT infrastructure management.
  • Together with Liftov, Mobietrain built a revolutionary learning platform. This is aimed in the first instance at the retail sector. During a helicopter ride, Guy and Derk explain how this co-creation came about.
  • As a visionary entrepreneur, Johan is about to conquer the world with his Djobby job platform. He is looking for new investment capital and talks about how to tackle challenges as a young entrepreneur.
  • While the Flemish and Dutch may speak the same language, when it comes to doing business, things are quite different on either side of the border. Anthony of AppyThings knows this only too well. From its base in the Netherlands, AppyThings has taken its first steps into Belgium and Luxembourg.

Watch the interviews via  www.gumption.eu/entrepreneursinmotion. New episodes will be launched via Gumption Group LinkedIn or Gumption Group Facebook.

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