On-premise or in the Cloud? Boots On The Ground, 30 August

Boots On The Ground invitation by Rank1

Does on-premise computing still have a place in your IT strategy?

 Rank1 | Satenrozen 10, 2550 Kontich, Belgium | 30 August, 12:00

The cloud is a major growth factor for the technology sector. In 2018, cloud investments have been growing at least 6 times faster than any other IT expenditure. The cloud is hot – including at Rank1 – because it enables new business models and provides unprecedented connectivity. Believers are considering cloud-only strategies.

And yet, as every general knows, you can’t win a war without ground troops.

12:00 | Welcome sandwich

13:00 | Boots on the ground … why exactly?

On-premise computing is like barbecue and beer – it will never really disappear. Most CIOs prefer to keep control of business-critical data and applications themselves. And sometimes on-premise is just more efficient. Rank1 gives you some pointers.

13:45 | Boundless computing

You know Huawei from its smartphones. These days, they are creating a furore with boundless computing. Their differentiators? Performance, durability, robustness (top MTBF!) and price-quality ratio. Since 2015, Huawei has been working with SAP on co-innovation. The list with SAP-certified server and storage products is long. Everything you have ever wanted to know about Huawei on-premise in 60 minutes.

15:15 | Well-armed in the workplace

Even if you opt for collaboration platforms in the cloud, the office continues to be the place for teamwork – both with people on site and remotely. How do you organise your meeting rooms for optimal collaboration? Exertis shows the way in the huge range of solutions on offer for telephony, communication, collaboration and audio/video conferencing.

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17:00 | For guests staying on after the main event: barbecue and beer!

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