Bart Embrechts in Fokus IT: “The customer must be at the heart of the business model”

Fokus IT, an addendum to De Standaard, interviewed Bart Embrechts about his vision of new business models.

Are new business models a must for every business?

New business models are a necessity for many companies – for start-ups as well as established names. Competition is increasingly taking place at the level of the business model. Look at the automotive industry. Trends such as ridesharing and ecomobility are forcing manufacturers and distributors to come up with new business models. The business model is a key succes factor in many industries.

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What is the most important evolution in this?

Customer centricity is becoming more important. The customer must be at the heart of the business model. As a company, you need to deliver maximum added value, and provide your customer with a persuasive experience from the very first virtual contact. After that, you must further develop your customer engagement step by step. Marketing is gaining in importance, as is sustainability, both in dealing with natural resources as well as in entrepreneurship itself. ‘How can we contribute to a better world’ is a crucial question, especially for young entrepreneurs.

How can IT support sustainability?

Software helps to use resources more efficiently but it also helps to change behaviour. That’s where many change processes run aground. Today, we see wonderful applications of gamification in which you can make learning and change processes fun and much more efficient. Gamification and design become weapons in the fight for sustainability.

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