Warsco supports its growth with SAP Business ByDesign

Warsco, specialist in modular building systems, uses SAP Business ByDesign to support its activities. Warsco was one of the first companies in Belgium to opt for the innovative SAP ERP in the cloud. TheValueChain assisted Warsco with the choice and implementation.

marc warson warsco

Warsco supplies units for offices and provides temporary custom-built housing in sectors such as construction, education and care. ‘We had been looking for a complete software program capable of supporting all our activities i.e. sales, rental, transport, production and aftercare for some time,’ says CEO Marc Warson. ‘We considered about a dozen options, but we never found the tool that could do everything.

‘We thought that SAP was out of our budget range, but TheValueChain suggested SAP Business ByDesign. This has never been implemented in Belgium before, but that said, it is based on forty years’ experience of business processes and users. Compare it to a virtual wardrobe, TheValueChain told us. You take out of it exactly what you need: a T-shirt when it’s sunny and a sweater when it gets cold. Business ByDesign is comprehensive and in the cloud. You use what you need. You don’t even need to have your own server anymore and thanks to regular software updates, you automatically receive any improvements and adjustments, including changes in fiscal legislation, for example. All of this convinced me.’

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