New websites for Rank1 and valueXstream

Two Gumption companies recently launched new websites. Both Rank1 and valueXstream opted for a fresh look and an updated design.

Rank1 website
valueXstream website

Rank1 decided last year to expand its service provision in the marketplace”, says Raf De Backer, Director Professional Services at Rank1. “To get our message across effectively, we wanted to make the website more dynamic.”

The site is only the starting point of the new communication activities, according to Raf De Backer. Together with the new website, Rank1 is also launching a fun animation film. It summarizes the company’s story in a minute. Great work by Zologie.

The valueXstream website has been completely updated and expanded as well. “The new site shows in a crystal clear way the various fields where valueXstream provides consultancy”, says Philip Van Gasse, partner at valueXstream. “Four pillars are now listed in a comprehensive way: supply chain transformation, optimization, automation and interim management.”


Both Rank1 and valueXstream used the services of design agency Liftov, a fellow company within the Gumption Group. They handled the design and building of the websites.