8 March: valueXstream & Liftov showcase how to PLAY your way to quality & safety on the shop floor

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At the end of 2017, Bio Bakery De Trog has won the Data News Award for the most innovative digital project of the year. Thanks to Liftov’s interactive BattleQuiz platform, temporary staff on the shop floor make themselves familiar with hygiene and safety regulations, and the knowledge of permanent employees remains up-to-date.

Gamification = serious business: the full story

On Thursday March 8th (18h30-20h00), Bio Bakkerij De Trog, valueXstream and Liftov will tell you the full story during an information session of PICS Belgium. Interesting topic? No doubt, especially when you have questions like:

  • How do I test if an interim is ready to be deployed?
  • How do I make training courses not just interesting, but also fun and motivating?
  • How do I efficiently monitor the level of knowledge of my employees?
  • How do I demonstrate objectively our company’s respect for quality standards and procedures?
  • How do I evaluate not only employees but also suppliers and external technicians?

Decision-makers in quality, safety, compliance, operations, supply chain, HR and IT

Gumption Campus
Satenrozen 10
2550 Kontich (Belgium)

Free entrance for PICS members.
Non-members pay € 50 pp (excl. VAT)

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