Successful Djobby launch at Satenrozen

djobby-websiteDjobby is an online platform that brings job seekers and companies together in a revolutionary new way. The ambitious start-up from Kontich was founded by Johan Driessens. Thanks to Djobby, the days of dull and poor recruitment are over. 

“Since 1952, job vacancies have looked the same,” says Johan. “A lot of copying/pasting the same empty words. What does it mean when a company says it is leading and innovative? It’s time to say goodbye to all these clichés that have been plaguing our industry for years.”

Employer branding

“These days, companies that are not engaged with how they attract talent and ensure an inspiring workplace will lose out,” says Johan. Djobby wants companies to show what they have to offer. And you can take that literally. With video testimonials, photos of the workplace or employee blogs, a company can show what it stands for. “Djobby is an interactive portal where you can showcase your company’s image in an instant,” says Johan. Candidates also have the opportunity to set up a page.

Soft skills

Djobby attaches great importance to soft skills. Personal, emotional and social skills are just as important as knowledge or technical skills. Employers and candidates each complete a questionnaire about ambition, teamwork, empowerment, innovation and achievement.

An algorithm matches the answers. In this way, candidates find a company that fits their personality, and companies secure a candidate who fits their culture. “It is in the interest of both parties,” says Johan. “If a programmer feels at home in a company, he will become a top programmer and a happier person.”

Social media

Djobby is a cross between a job listing site and a social media platform. A tool connects your Djobby page to your business page on Facebook. Via a tab, Djobby instantly groups your job vacancies on your Facebook page.

“It’s the only job listing site that is linked with Facebook in this way,” says Johan. “You can think of Djobby as a healthy mix between the personal quality of Facebook and the rational quality of LinkedIn. It is a professional platform where you can be yourself.”

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