Three new Gumption companies target executives


Digitalisation is creating a new relationship between the business and the IT department. Business executives are claiming a bigger role in decisions about IT expenditure and investments.

As a result, there is also a shift in IT budgets. Gumption is responding to this trend. In the last six months, three young consultancy companies have joined the group. All three of them target executives and business managers. Branded.Careers, YouCtrl and Hifluence show them how they can give their business a boost with digital technology.

Digital technology as an ally of the business
‘Business executives often claim over 25% of the IT budget,’ says Bart Embrechts, Managing Director of Gumption. ‘They are looking to digital technology as an ally to achieve their strategic goals. Their insight is invaluable in the evaluation of technological solutions and is at the basis of innovative ideas.’

‘A big part of the technology budget managed by business executives goes to innovative initiatives. A focus on operational activities generally leaves the traditional IT department with considerably less money for this. That’s why business managers are an important target group for our companies.’

Roots in the business
Branded.Careers, YouCtrl and Hifluence have roots in the business. Their founders were at the centre of it. ‘They look at IT with different eyes,’ Bart Embrechts continues. ‘Not with those of the technology supplier, but rather with those of an adviser who helps an organisation make pragmatic technological choices in terms of the strategy. The decision-makers and users on the business side are crucial conversation partners.’

Branded.Careers. Employer and personal branding led recruitment. Targets decision-makers in HR.
Branded.Careers (pronounce branded-dot-careers) joins the Gumption Group in July 2015. It is marketing a pioneering online recruitment model. This matches the corporate culture with the man or woman behind the CV. The use of digital tools and technology for video application accelerates the recruitment process and makes it budget-friendly.

YouCtrl. Greater insight and control from finance. Focuses its activities on CFOs and SME managers.
YouCtrl (sounds like youcontrol) joined Gumption in May 2015. It helps CFOs align the processes of the financial department well with the strategic goals of the company and with the information needs of managers. It provides expertise, shared services and technological solutions.

Hifluence. Digital innovation agency. Focuses on CEOs and marketing managers.
Hifluence is a digital innovation agency. In January 2015, it brought together expert knowledge in a unique start-up. Hifluence advises companies on digital business models and builds digital solutions. It unites competencies in data strategy, omni-channel integration, development of user-oriented solutions and digital marketing.