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What Gumption members say about Gumption


‘Gumption took over a large part of the administrative tasks and duties. This allowed us to focus on what is most important: the team, customers and services. Gumption thinks with us, and gives us more financial strength to engage in business, develop ideas and bring them to market. The members of the group stimulate each other. We help each other grow.’

Bart Willems

Managing Partner, YouCtrl

Cross-fertilisation is a strong point of working with Gumption. A good project for a client sometimes leads to new assignments for other companies.’

Dieter Oversteyns

Managing Partner, TheValueChain

‘Gumption’s broad expertise in the field of business management, sales approach and organization benefits the quality of service.’

Olivier Leroy

Managing Partner, Bmatix

‘Gumption gives us the elbowroom to realise our ideas and win market share more quickly.’

Johan Driessens

Managing Partner, Branded.Careers and Djobby