Johan Driessens in Knack Career Guide: ‘Why the war for talent is dead’

Knack Career Guide publishes an interview with Johan Driessens of Branded.Careers. A few quotes!

“Look at the life of businesses: the average life is about 16 years, and that figure is steadily falling. As a company, your business idea has to succeed within a short space of time. The market is continuously changing. If you recruit people who can carry out one specific task, what will happen if you change your business model tomorrow? You’d better employ people who match with the mission and vision of your organisation, and work in a team where they feel at home. They are intrinsically motivated to help the business grow, not just to perform their appointed task.

“If you want your business to make a difference, you have to communicate about your identity as a business and your business culture. Every self-respecting business includes employer branding as a fundamental component of its strategy.

“It is expected that by 2030 seventy percent of current jobs will no longer exist, or will be carried out in a completely different way. Seven out of ten people will be doing something else in the near future.

“Facebook is a much more interesting channel for recruitment than LinkedIn as people on Facebook reveal much more about themselves. On LinkedIn you are punished for getting too personal.

“Cutting-edge companies want to know who you are as a person. So it’s important to create your own personal brand. Video is incredibly important.

“The new generation is looking for meaning in their lives. If they don’t find it, they move on.

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