BakeryBattle nominated as Digital Project of the Year by DataNews

BakeryBattle by NewBirdThe BakeryBattle app is nominated as Digital Project of the Year by DataNews. The app is developed by NewBird. It uses social dynamics, game mechanics and scientific methods to make it easier and more fun for employees to adopt better professional routines. The app was customized according to the needs of organic bakery De Trog. “BakeryBattle is a fine illustration of the co-creation mindset at the Gumption Group”, says Antoon Sturkenboom, managing partner of innovation agency NewBird. On 25 October, Datanews will announce the winner.

The idea of a battle quiz emerged during a brainstorm, says Marc Van Hoeck, COO at De Trog and partner at supply chain architect valueXstream. “Hygiene and food safety are crucial for a bakery. Also our temporary staff, some of whom are foreign speakers, need to be part of the action in no time. NewBird convinced us with a concept based on their innovative BattleQuiz platform, a social learning format.”


With BakeryBattle, new employees are deployable within the hour. Employees challenge each other to play knowledge battles, from beginner to advanced. The competitive element stimulates people to play more often, and take pleasure in it. Each battle consists of seven questions. The app can be played on smartphone, tablet or pc.

New employees play the game during their training period. More experienced employees participate in the Grand BakeryBattle, which is played three times a year and takes up to four weeks. In this way, the knowledge of all 100 employees remains up-to-date.


“The game results are associated with an evaluation”, says Marc Van Hoeck. “Anyone who scores too low, may no longer get access to the factory or specific activities. The management can assess their people’s knowledge on an individual base.”

Marc Van Hoeck is COO at De Trog and partner at valueXstream, a company specialized in supply chain management and optimization. Both NewBird and valueXstream are part of the Gumption Group.

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