Nedschroef Machinery has chosen Cloud for Customer with TheValueChain

Nedschroef Machinery in Herentals builds machines that make fasteners, primarily for the automotive and construction sectors. CEO Marc Van Opstal explains why he chose Cloud for Customer with TheValueChain.

marc van opstal nedschroefThere are very few people who talk about their business as passionately as Marc Van Opstal. Two years ago, he ascended from Finance & IT manager to CEO of Nedschroef. “We build cold forging machines. Literally: our machines make nuts and bolts, among other things, from steel wire without using heat. They press the steel wire into the required shape.”

“For us, a traditional CRM system was too large. In our niche market you don’t have thousands of customers, so there was no need for a large, integrated system. We create new customers in our systems manually. However, we did want a clear system to keep a structured record of all customers and potential customers. Cloud for Customer (C4C) gives us this overview and more.”

“When TheValueChain suggested Cloud for Customer, I immediately saw the benefits. The fact that TheValueChain uses the application themselves was the deciding factor for me. A lot of vendors use different systems than they sell. That compromises your credibility.”

“We are happy with the implementation. Often, a senior member of staff will come to sell the product, then a junior will implement it. I’ve worked in the consultancy world, so I know how it works. Nothing like that happened with TheValueChain. They know their trade inside out. They carried out a lean and mean, on-site configuration of the requested specifications in efficient, short workshops. After less than 20 consultancy days, we were finished.”

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