Looking back on TheValueChain’s Beyond Simple event

TheValueChain Beyond Simple 16 May 2017TheValueChain’s latest Beyond Simple event focused on real business cases: new SAP technologies at work.

Today’s world is a complex, integrated place. SAP’s approach to simplifying the technology layer underlying the life of everyone in business, is a brilliant move: they take everything back to the basic building blocks.

SAP has fundamentally changed what they are – not just an ERP, but a digital platform company. They have built a development platform, a set of solutions, products and services that enable you to fundamentally change how you run your business, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The road to transformation is challenging, though. It is easy to get lost amid new technologies. Staying well-informed of innovation is essential to the sustainability of every organization. That is why TheValueChain’s Beyond Simple event focused on real SAP business cases with new technologies.

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