Jan De Kimpe and Philip Van Gasse join valueXstream

Press release – Kontich, 9 March 2017 – valueXstream welcomes two new partners. In doing so, the company, whose activities are focused on providing internal and external supply chain solutions, underlines its healthy growth.

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Founder Marc Van Hoeck: ‘The past year of valueXstream was very successful. We are delighted that experts like Jan De Kimpe and Philip Van Gasse are joining our company.’

Philip Van Gasse (left) and Jan De Kimpe (right)

Philip Van Gasse (left) designs e-commerce strategies and translates supply chain needs into software solutions. He has 18 years’ experience in consulting, mostly in retail and distribution but also in healthcare and the public sector.

Jan De Kimpe (right) lectures on logistics at the KU Leuven and is on the board of directors of PCIS, the Belgian knowledge hub on logistics and supply chain management. With 28 years’ experience in consultancy and project management, he knows all there is to know about physical logistics, distribution logistics and distribution network design.

Complementary knowledge

valueXstream’s team of supply chain architects is growing. With their complementary knowledge, they have the right mix of expertise. ‘Thanks to our broad knowledge base, we are able to provide our customers a one-stop solution,’ says Marc Van Hoeck. ‘They have one point of contact and, in one fell swoop, have access to all competencies needed to meet their logistical challenges.’

Wanted: senior and junior architects at valueXstream

To support its growth, valueXstream is looking for more people to strengthen its team. ‘We are looking for supply chain architects with a strong profile and network who have the ambition to lead project teams,’ says Marc Van Hoeck. ‘But juniors with healthy ambition and their first work experience under their belt are also welcome.’

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