Apps on site at Fluxys

Rudy Putteman, FluxysNatural gas transport utility Fluxys is now using apps for materials management on site by means of SAP Fiori technology. This is the first time Fiori has been used on this scale in Belgium. TheValueChain helped develop the apps.

‘Materials management in the warehouse is done in SAP. It was not the intention to familiarise our people on the ground with SAP. We wanted to give them a simple mobile solution for ordering materials in the warehouse’, says Rudy Putteman, ICT Project Manager at Fluxys.

(…) Fiori is based on SAP. That is why the integration went really smoothly, according to Putteman. ‘We simply linked the apps to our existing infrastructure. The development time was also limited, because the apps have a substantial amount of pre-programmed functionality. We were able to make use of the time saved to test it extensively.’

(…) Fluxys opted for TheValueChain due to their experience with Fiori. ‘But the multi-faceted know-how at TheValueChain was at least equally important’, says Rudy Putteman. ‘They combine technical wizardry with functional talent and design know-how’.

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